It was the firt time hardcore band Infest played together in 16 years, but concertgoers were actually treated to two performances – one from the band and one from some intoxicated punk chicks with a penchant for slapstick comedy. For some reason the girls wanted to fight the bouncers for getting kicked out and then they started fighting the rest of the attendees waiting outside in line. Via LA Weekly:

“The girls had already paid, but were kicked out for whatever reason,” says concertgoer Zack Reese, who witnessed the fight in person. “It was more funny than anything watching these girls trying to get sympathy from the crowd, in the way that they kept yelling 'assault’ and other things.

“They straight-up yelled 'stop hitting me’ when all security was doing was defending themselves.”

As for the Infest reunion? “They were legitimately great,” continues Reese. “No stupid in between-song banter about 'the old days’ or anything corny like that.”

When you have to proclaim yourselves as outsiders at an Infest show, you’ve hit a new low.

And since we do want to acknowledge that there was some music going on…

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