Via Noisey:

Thanks to Kickstarter, that great equalizer of crowd-sourced guilt-funding, people with terrible ideas have been more able than ever to spray their garbage all over this terrible world. I have nothing against Kickstarter per se, unless its used to fund awful bands.

Listen, I’m all about people pursing their dreams and their creative endeavors. That’s what fuels a lot of us from being miserable boring sacks of flesh. Plus it’s kind of cool to see humans fuel their fiery passions, regardless of how bad they may be at it.

What really irks me are the videos people produce to ask for money. They typically involve staring awkwardly into their webcam and saying things like “this has a lot of meaning,” or “help us help you.” The amazing thing is that, despite all these negative aspects of the videos, they get funded. We aren’t talking $50 dollars for beer money kind of money, we’re talking some serious flow.

I got jealous, so this weekend I sifted through the Internetz to find the worst successfully funded Kickstarted videos in the history of the world, of all time.

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