So, anyone who’s familiar with NCAA sports knows that it’s basically a corrupt organization dedicated to fucking over 19 year-olds for taking free iPods, while simultaneously making millions of dollars for both their schools’ and their coaches.

That said, this is a new low. Minnesota Golden Gophers wrestler and aspiring rapper Josh Bauman is in danger of losing his scholarship after posting a 99-cent single on iTunes. Via New York Times:

Because Bauman performed under his own name and identified himself as a Minnesota wrestler, the N.C.A.A. ruled him ineligible for the remainder of the season. J. T. Bruett, Minnesota’s compliance director, said Bauman violated an N.C.A.A. bylaw prohibiting student-athletes from using their name, image or status as an athlete to promote the sale of a commercial product.

The university asked Bauman to remove his name and likeness from videos on YouTube and Tunecore.com. Bauman refused. Told by Bruett that he could regain his eligibility if he used an alias instead of his real name, Bauman again refused.

“I think a lot of artists and rappers today hide behind their aliases,” Bauman said. “They don’t want to take responsibility for what they’re actually saying. I’m Joel Bauman. My message is: I will inspire, and I will impact. I am not going to hide behind an alias to do that, because that’s my message. I can own up to that message.”

It’s worth noting that NCAA coaches are allowed to pursue all types of outside business endeavors while proudly waving their school’s flag.

Excuse us while we puke.

(PS. Righteous indignation aside, we’re still going to be watching March Madness. Don’t get it twisted.)

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