“Hungry kids in the crib, ma/Pocket like it’s hot…” That is an honest-to-god lyric from Snoop Lion’s new Hot Pocket-promotin’ jam, “Pocket Like It’s Hot.” Bare with us, it’s going to take a couple days for this to sink and get the pun train rolling. This is legitimately the best/worst thing we’ve seen in a while. While it is pretty “cheesy,” Snoop’s ode to his favorite (or well-paying) late-night munchies is pretty “hot.” He takes his classic, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and changes all of the lyrics to make it about Hot Pockets. For those of you that may just think this is Snoop Lion going off of the stoner deep end, it is sort of implied that it’s a joke, given that Andy Milonakis appears in the video. Via Noisey:

This video was probably created expressly because people would look at the “what the fuck” factor and talk about it, which is exactly what we’re doing here. Therefore, Snoop Lion is a genius.

Snoop has us there… Peep the surreally shameless clip below or we’re sure that you can catch it during the commercial breaks of Adult Swim.

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