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July 09, 2007

08/08/08: Boredoms plan 'infinite' follow-up with 88 drummers

TDS Editors

08/08/08. Save the date!

The Boredoms are already considering a follow-up to Saturday’s 77BOADRUM performance in Brooklyn, NY with a new work for 88 drummers to be performed once on August 8, 2008. “The other day we were talking about doing a concert around the infinity symbol,” the Boredoms’ Eye told the New York Times during a break from rehearsals last week, and while the group’s Yoshimi P-We joked about ideas for 2009, as soon as this past weekend’s event concluded talk turned to an even more ambitious piece based on the infinity concept to be staged in exactly 13 months.

The Brooklyn 77BOADRUM show was nothing short of a triumph (unless you were one of the people who got there after 3:30 and waited in line for three hours before being turned away). Perfect weather, fantastic crowd, beautiful setting, and a shimmering, jaw-dropping piece of music. Gave a lot of jaded New Yorkers new-found hope for their city, and certainly provided a from-the-heart counterpoint to the Live Earth charade going on in New Jersey. The Boredoms delivered not only a low-tech spectacle but actually achieved their goal of making the audience part of “one giant instrument, one living creature.”

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The show was being recorded and videotaped for future release, but was, naturally, lovingly captured in numerous online clips. Some of the best so far:

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