The Swarm

November 23, 2009

Another Fake MF Doom Show in LA... Headliner Was A No-Show... 'Lamest Sh*t I’ve Ever Been To in My Whole Entire Life'...

Adam Shore


It’s hard to see here but you can catch glimpses of him. It was obvious that he was an imposter since he never once laid his hand on a microphone and just played his new tracks on a laptop. I get what he’s goin for here…he’s a VILLAIN, but he’s ripping off his fans! I was super pissed along with everybody else who came to see him.

FroLab commenter:

lamest sh*t i’ve ever been to in my whole entire life. MF doom no show. completely lost my respect. any groups affilliated with this event, avoid going to their shows/parties. grand star jazz club isnt all that great of a venue anyways.

a fake mf doom appeared briefly then walked off. when an audience member hops on the mic and demands for $ back, some random lame lyricist ’special guest’…? clocks him in the face. 1 dj was decent the rest were horrible. hip hop needs a revival

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