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March 06, 2008

The Atlantic stalks Britney Spears' stalkers

TDS Editors

“In the dark sewer of misanthropic, gynophobic, and Rabelaisian epithets running through the comments section of celebrity blogs, one can also find gems of authentic emotional connection to celebrity foibles… A good number of readers seem to write in the openly delusional… belief that if their post is sincere or hateful enough, the walls separating their own lives from the lives of celebrities will dissolve, transporting them from the backlit world of their LCD screens to the super-pollinated atmosphere of the media daisy chain.”

(via Arthur Blog)

NY Post:

Atlantic Monthly Editor-in-Chief James Bennet, and new Publisher Justin Smith have commissioned Michael Bierut at Pentagram to oversee a sweeping redesign of the 150-year-old magazine.

Despite its reputation, the title for most of its life has lost money – something that new owner David Bradley, who in 1999 bought the magazine from Mort Zuckerman for $10 million, would certainly like to turn around.

In mid-2005, at a time when Bradley moved the magazine’s headquarters to Washington from Boston, as a cost-cutting move. It is still believed to be losing $3 million to $5 million a year.

A redesign is a step on the road to recovery, and it may be seen as a way to excite advertisers and readers.

“The design now is elegant, but doesn’t quite capture the energy and urgency of the best writing in The Atlantic,” said Bennet. “We’re looking for ways to just let it breathe a little more, to make it more satisfying to page through.

“I don’t think the magazine has ever been design driven; it’s always been word driven. There is very little you can point to in the magazine and say this is an iconic Atlantic that has been handed down through the ages,” he said.

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