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October 11, 2007

Bowie by Keanan Duffty at Target

TDS Editors

Press release (via Pitchfork):

British musician-turned-designer Keanan Duffty drew inspiration from rock legend David Bowie to create a limited-edition menís collection for Target this fall. Bowie has inspired Duffty since childhood and, through his music, taught the designer to experiment across different creative mediums. Duffty applies this lesson to his eclectic encore collection that debuts on October 14 at most Target stores and at

The new men’s fashion collection for Target includes tuxedo jackets and pants, dress shirts and rocker tees. Featuring a subdued color palette, standout pieces include a trench coat, lightning bolt T-shirt and black puffer vest. Rocker must-haves such as button-down shirts with skinny ties, thermal T-shirts with musical decals and the ultra-hip skinny black jeans round out the collection and range in price from $14.99—$59.99.

Several of the collection’s key pieces draw direct inspiration from characters and songs by David Bowie. The tuxedo, vest and pants were inspired by David’s Thin White Duke persona, the song “Station to Station” and his most recent album “Reality.” The dress shirts and trench coat are references to David’s first movie role as Thomas Jerome Newton in “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” In addition, the gray button-down shirt features Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” lyrics scripted onto the fabric.

“David Bowie has always brought ëleft fieldíideas to mainstream pop culture and has defined his own unique aesthetic and personality,” Duffty said. “Target strives to bring creativity and individuality to its guests, making this collection a perfect fit.”

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