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August 15, 2007

The Daft Punk Alive 2007 All Access Post

David Prince

Obviously, we love Daft Punk. We have for a long time. And we loved this year’s tour. We’ve been all over it:

- We were the first to tell you that the robots were in Kanye West’s “Stronger” video and that Electroma was headed to theaters in the US.

- We had a discovery: Daft Punk’s old helmets are available for $65,000 (permission not included).

- We noticed that YouTube keeps getting harder, better, faster, and stronger.

- We found fantastic footage of the London show.

- We settled the Daft Punk sample debate once and for all (haha).

- We were there the night the tour started in L.A.

- We went to Red Rocks and met the people who make the pyramid glow.

- We scored you free tickets to the Coney Island show.

- Update: We found the video that prompted Daft Punk to tell to throw Mamma from the train.

- Update: We made our own glowing encore outfit and started a Daft Punk Halloween Costume Contest.

- Update: We brought you the world premiere of the “Harder Better Faster Stronger” Alive 2007 video.

- Update: How the ‘Daft Punk Girls’ made their own helmets.

-Update: Daft Punk and Kanye West named SPIN Magazine’s ‘Entertainers of the Year’.

-Update: Daft Punk recording new music in Paris studio…

Plus, check out these interviews with Daft Punk from Pitchfork, L.A. Weekly, and Paper.

Today, we round out our coverage of the Alive 2007 tour with two more bits of info:

First, the August issue of Mixmag gets a good look inside the pyramid, and a brief description from Thomas Bangalter about what those guys are really doing on stage. In fact, according to Bangalter, it takes around 10 people working together to put on the Daft Punk live show.

(Click here to see a larger picture.)

“The show revolves around Ableton Live software on custom made super-computers, which we remotely access and control with Behringer BCR2000 midi controllers.”

“Next to the ethernet remote computer screens there are four Minimoog Voyagers, the classic analog synthesizers. They’re a 30-year old design.”

“We can mix, shuffle, trigger loops, filter, distort samples, EQ in and out, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines. We keep some surprises on the side too!”

“There’s a direct connection between our rig and the lights and visuals of the show. The light and video engineers can also add or control layers during the show.”

“Inside the pyramid are synthesizers and remote controls connected to the rest of the music equipment and computers, which are in rack-mounted towers off stage.”

“Working the music equipment, lighting and video equipment, and building the pyramid for each show takes around 10 people, including both of us.”

Finally, its now confirmed that the Alive 2007 tour has been recorded, mixed, and mastered for a November CD-only release. The concert recording is from the group’s hometown performance in Paris this past June. Its scheduled for a November release.

The album will be released in two versions: a single disc that features the main set from this summer’s tour, and a deluxe double disc that will also include the encore (“Forever,” “Together,” “Music Sounds Better With You,” and “One More Time”) and a video for one of the tracks. The video is being directed by Olivier Gondry, and was shot by professional cameramen and more than 100 volunteers at the tour-closing show in Coney Island, NY last week.

Daft Punk currently have one more show on their schedule for 2007, an appearance October 27 at the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, NV.

UPDATE: Australian tour + Halloween show in Mexico City added + full live album details and tracklisting here.

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