The Swarm

September 26, 2007

Daft Punk to Not from my Momma

TDS Editors

Add this one to the list of reasons that we love Daft Punk:

When Black Eyed Peas mainman decided to remix “I Got it From My Momma,” the first single off his just-released solo album, with a big, chunky sample of Daft Punk’s “Around the World,” he must of figured the Frenchies would be honored and more than willing to take the royalty money and run. He was so certain, in fact, that he shot an entire video for the remix, replete with Tron-inspired graphics that look oddly similar to Daft Punk’s own awe-inspiring encore outfits from this summer’s Alive 2007 tour. Apparently though, moved faster than the lawyers, who were forced to deliver the message that Daft Punk doesn’t think their music sounds better with him.

Someone sent us the video this morning, and all we can say is: long live the robots.

Update: A Daily Swarm reader writes:

I would like to note for the music video that produced, he is copying the style of the music videos that Daft Punk did for the Human After All music videos. The intro of Daft Punk’s videos have the scrolling square that zooms in before the actual music video shows.

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