The Swarm

December 21, 2007

The Daily Swarm says Thanks!

TDS Editors

As 2007 draws to a close and The Daily Swarm celebrates its seven month birthday, we wanted to take a moment to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us get off to such a great start.

First and most importantly, thanks to all who spend some time on our site, read our stories, click on our links, subscribe to our feed, post comments, watch videos, etc. – we know there’s an near-infinite number of options out there and we’re thrilled and honored that you’ve made The Daily Swarm part of your daily routine. We truly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

The Daily Swarm exists in a link-based economy, and so we’d also like to send out a big THANKS to the literally thousands of websites, blogs, message boards, chat rooms, journals, Digg-ers, reddit-ers, StumbleUpon-ers, MySpace bulletin senders, Facebook users, and everyone else who has linked to our homepage and our stories: you all really put us on the map in no time at all. Extra special shout-outs to some of our top referrers: Boing Boing, BuzzFeed, Idolator, Pitchfork, Andrew Sullivan, Absolute Punk, Kanye West, Brooklyn Vegan, Drudge Report, Coolfer, Stereogum, Ropeadope, Cucharasonica, TMZ, Paper Thin Walls, Paste,, AtEase, Punk News, and Hypebot.

A big THANKS also goes out to all of of advertisers and sponsors – the businesses that support our work, pay our rent, and keep us growing.

The Daily Swarm has been getting some wonderful recognition recently from our friends and peers, and we’re really, really grateful.

Thanks to Wired for including us in the What’s Wired This Month section in last month’s issue of the magazine.

Thanks to Fimoculous for making us #11 of ‘Best Blogs of 2007 That You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading’.

Thanks to our old friends at URB for making us #65 in their list of “150 Things We Love” last month.

Thanks to Hypebot’s readers for voting us the Best Music News Blog.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for this year’s Plug Awards ‘Music Website of the Year’ – if you’re the voting kind go there and give us a click.

And even though this is old news, thanks again to Rep. Anthony Weiner for placing us permanently in the Congressional Record.

Finally, if you don’t mind sitting through ads for the US Army and/or Mariah Carey’s perfume, check out the MTV News clip below, from their series on “The Future of Music,” and catch a quick glimpse of one of our own.

We’ll be around over the holidays, and even though the news is sure to be light we’ll be catching up on some of the fun and funny stuff we missed earlier in the year and looking at the year end wraps-ups and best-of lists that caught our eyes. If you’re off for the week, see ya in 2008!

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