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April 17, 2008

Electronic Gospel: David Byrne and Brian Eno reuniting for new album, live shows...

TDS Editors

As Drowned in Sound noted today, David Byrne announced this week that his long-rumored return to the studio with Brian Eno is nearly complete:

The dream art-rock team of David Byrne and Brian Eno will return with new, strange fruit soon, the former Talking Heads man told recently.

Speaking at an event in New York, Byrne revealed that the duo had rekindled the relationship they formed in the late 70s/early 80s which resulted in three Talking Heads records and 1981’s classic My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

“I’m finishing up a record with Brian Eno, a musician that I worked with 30 years ago,” Byrne said following an appearance with Paul Simon at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on the 9th of April. “We did a record together of songs, and that’ll come out.”

The NY Daily News adds:

Byrne told us he’s collaborating with their mutual friend Brian Eno “for the first time in 20 years. Brian had written a lot of music, but needed some words, which I know how to do. What’s it sound like? Electronic gospel. That’s all I’m saying.”

Sources say the album will likely be released via Nonesuch, but probably not until 2009 before the end of the year.

In the meantime, David Byrne’s booking agent at William Morris Agency, Mark Geiger, has been soliciting offers from a number of different promoters around the United States for Byrne/Eno live shows, promising the set list will consist of at least 40% Eno-era Talking Heads material. No word yet on if he’s had any takers. Most of the tour is already booked.

UPDATE: Enoweb:

According to Opal, Brian will not be touring with David Byrne, so it looks like wires getting crossed at Daily Swarm’s source.

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