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July 04, 2009

UPDATE: Did Black Eyed Peas Steal Freeland's 'Mancry'?

Todd C. Roberts

In late 2007, I got a chance to check out Adam Freeland’s newest project, Freeland, as it was coming together. He was still recording a majority of the tracks and had yet to mix and master them. He was most proud of this sort of “interlude” track he had recorded with Tommy Lee on drums, which he hadn’t shared the name for yet. Since then, he continued to build his vision, tweaking and retweaking. Finally, he began to sequence, come up with a theme and visual ideas, which I helped him find design collective, the KDU, to assist with.

The album, Cope, was finally ready late last year and started getting a buzz from early previews. After getting a copy of it myself, I noticed a particularly introspective track called “Mancry” which was a polished version of the track I’d heard before, with Tommy Lee’s drums at the forefront, sweeping synth lines and, our friend, Matt Diehl as the vocal sample.

So when the Black Eyed Peas album came out last month, which recently hit #1 on the Billboard 200 chart as well as the Hot 100, there was one track in particular that stood out, “Party All The Time”. Not because it was such an amazing track, but because it was very familiar. It’s been discussed that the Peas had gone decidedly more electronic and dance-oriented on this new one. (Will.I.Am could even be seen donning a mask and DJing a heavy electro set at last year’s Hard Fest in LA.)

Turns out, Adam Freeland seems to agree that his track was bitten. If you check out the tracks next to each other, as he suggests, it seems very apparent that the Black Eyed Peas have straight up sampled the whole track as a backing to their vocals, and it could hardly even be considered a rearrangement. Check out Lee’s drums as a focal point of the track.

While representatives for the Peas have yet to be contacted about whether they tried to clear the sample, Adam sent a Twitter message earlier today to share that he is more than suspicious as well…

Apparently, no action has been taken Lawyers for each party have apparently been in contact, but compare the two for yourself. You decide. Did the Peas steal Freeland’s “Mancry” for their soon to be sales award winning release, The E.N.D.?

FLASHBACK: Remember when ripped off Daft Punk and got shut down?

UPDATE: Times of Malta

The band reacted to an accusation of plagiarism, with Party All The Time said to have the beginning of Man Cry.

They explained that this was not a case of plagiarism, in that the band’s manager had offered them a beat and it was a case of working together.

“It was a lack of finalising legalities before releasing the record, clearance was not done and that was what it was about.”

Check out Freeland’s original track “Mancry”:

Check out Black Eyed Peas’ “Party All The Time”:

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