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March 23, 2009

UPDATE: "DJ Hero" gets Z-Trip and DJ Shadow, dumps Tiesto...

Todd C. Roberts

As the countdown begins to the release of “DJ Hero,” Activision’s forthcoming turntablist counterpart to “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band,” a few details are beginning to emerge, including a new website, Twitter account, and a SXSW appearance by DJ Shadow.

Gaming site Kotaku has been diligent about mapping out the hardware details recently, including the many iterations of the DJ controller, arguably the most important factor in the success of this new franchise. The big question, however, has still remained: which famous all-star DJ will be ‘the’ DJ Hero.

Z-Trip and DJ Shadow are two of the DJs who will appear as avatars in Activision’s forthcoming “DJ Hero” video game, according to a Daily Swarm source involved in the game’s development. Both have had a role in developing and testing the game’s controller as well as programming and licensing the music.

Daft Punk and Mixmaster Mike are rumored to be part of the game too, but their participation remains unconfirmed. Despite early reports of DJ Tiesto’s inclusion in the game, the Dutch trance merchant’s role has since been lessened or abandoned entirely.

Activision plans to ship 1.5 million units of the game when it hits the shelves this June, according to our sources. This shows a considerable amount of confidence that the music gaming market is compiled of more than standard-fare rock fans, and that there is a large audience of wanna-be DJs. Can MTV’s version be far behind?

UPDATE: We have confirmed that Mixmaster Mike is not attached to DJ Hero, as our commenters have pointed out. Mike is involved with 7 Studios and Genius Products in developing Scratch: The Ultimate DJ which will also be release this Summer (via MTV).

Mike did have this to say about DJ Hero:

“What I’ve heard is that it’s not going to be as authentic as ‘Scratch,’” he said. “I know it’s more based on just mixing; it’s going to be two completely different things. This is more based on scratching and beat-making, and the other one is just like beat-matching. But don’t hold me to that, I just heard from the grapevine.”

Photo by Raymond Roker via Twitter

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