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May 30, 2008

Grateful Dead Converse...The Doors shoes are next...

David Prince


Converse continues its celebration of 100 years with the debut of its Fall 2008 Footwear Collection that celebrates the brand’s iconic presence throughout the last ten decades and undeniable influence on pop culture. Converse pays homage to The Grateful Dead and Kurt Cobain as musicians who have transformed culture and changed the world featuring shoes designed to honor these pioneers of music who have disrupted the status quo.

The Doors:

Yeah, I’m sure there will be some mixed opinions on this. They are Converse Jack Purcells, and we’re doing them during Converse’s 100th Anniversary with their slogan, “First In Sports, First In Rock ‘N Roll.”

There are four artists doing them:

The Beatles
Kurt Cobain
The Grateful Dead
The Doors

I know, I know, we’re ALL sellouts.

But The Doors dug this, they were involved in the design and creation, and we hope you’ll agree they’re very, VERY cool.

Or not.

The Doors have NEVER been artists to shy away from controversy.

We thought long and hard about this, and I gotta say, Converse Jack Purcells and rock go hand-in-hand, and have ever since the mid-sixties.
Thanks – Jeff
Jeff Jampol
The Doors Music Co.
Los Angeles, CA

UPDATE: From Converse:

We do not have any plans for Beatles shoes.


Exclusive: Kurt Cobain Converse custom Chucks coming….

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