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March 14, 2008

Exclusive: Kurt Cobain Converse custom Chucks coming....

David Prince



(new photos via Ad Age)

UPDATE: Grateful Dead Converse…The Doors shoes are next…

UPDATE: Converse looking to ‘Connect’ with a few living, breathing artists too

That’s right, those pictures above are legit. While the much discussed Joy Division New Balance sneakers were a one-pair-only art project, The Daily Swarm has confirmed that a limited edition series of custom Kurt Cobain Converse shoes is currently in production, and will be released this summer as part of the shoe company’s year-long 100th Anniversary ‘Welcome to the Converse Century’ celebration.

Several different designs are coming, including at least one Converse One Star model (pictured above) and a series of Chuck Taylor high tops. The design elements for each of the shoes are taken from Cobain’s own drawings and writings that were published in the 2002 book Journals.

Unlike last year’s ill-fated Doc Martens ad campaign – when the images of Kurt Cobain and several other deceased punk icons were licensed from a photo agency but not cleared with the musicians’ estates – the Kurt Cobain Converse are being produced with the full cooperation and approval of Courtney Love (maybe she’ll write about it on her brand new Tumblr blog). And also unlike the Dr. Martens, Cobain was a known fan and user of the product he’s posthumously endorsing. Right up to the end.

Contrary to a false report in Billboard that was picked up by Ad Age, there are no current plans to use any of Cobain’s songs to market the shoes.

The Converse Century campaign also includes the previously discussed Converse Century Icons featuring images of Hunter S. Thompson, Ian Curtis, Sid Vicious, M.I.A., Common and others. Kurt Cobain is not a Converse Century icon.

Full details about the Kurt Cobain Converse are coming in April.


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