The Swarm

September 15, 2007

Red Zeppelin: Shepard Fairey's Led Zeppelin Mothership cover has landed

TDS Editors

Last week, The Daily Swarm broke the news that Shepard Fairey had been tapped by Led Zeppelin to design the cover for their latest greatest hits collection, Mothership. Some were confused by our mock-up, which was a 5-minute mash-up of Led Zep’s debut album cover and Fairey’s work for Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist. As you can see above, we got our hands on the actual album artwork, and, well, it seems as if Fairey spent about as much time on his as we did on ours. Check out his latest “War is Over” poster from the Obey Giant website and a 2006 South by Southwest poster. Hmmm…

UPDATE: Did Fairey’s Mothership make a stop in New Zealand in 1986?


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