The Swarm

September 25, 2009

Mos Def Working on New Death Documentary... Or Not?

Andrew Flanagan

Death was a band made up of three brothers from Detroit which, after the resurfacing of a long-lost demo, appears to be one of the earliest examples of punk (more specifically 80’s hardcore like The Adolescents, Cro-Mags and even the crazy-influential Bad Brains). We posted in July that the band was the subject of a documentary titled “Where Do We Go From Here?”, and we were very excited.

Today Mos Def announced in an interview with Filter that he is also (?) working on a documentary about the band…and it’s unclear whether they’re the same film. Mos Def didn’t name his documentary during the interview in which he announced the project and there’s nothing about him on the “Where Do We Go From Here?” website.

But two movies shedding light on the same awesome band? With vastly disparate production values? Never a bad thing.

Death’s Myspace

‘Death Was Punk Before Punk’ from the New York Times

Trailer from the “Where Do We Go From Here?” website:

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