The Swarm

July 26, 2011

Watch and Download: A Rare Interview with America's Best Black Metal Band Dispirit... John Gossard Defies Life After Weakling...

Adam Shore

America’s best black metal band is just getting started. With only two demos available on their website and a handful of shows under the belt, Dispirit are reinventing what it means to play black metal in this new decade. John Gossard’s previous incarnation was in Weakling, setting the tone for the next generation of USBM (from Wolves In The Throne Room to Krallice) and elevating black metal from it’s Scandinavian forebears, and their goofy visual trappings, into a new realm; grounded and serious, with unyielding drones, never-ending, mesmerizing riffs, and agonized vocals. This new American trance metal wasn’t recognized properly in its day (the band broke up before their only release, 2000’s Dead As Dreams), but Gossard’s music now echoes through hundreds of bands around the world. While playing in doom projects The Gaunt and Asunder, Gossard continued to explore his take on experimental black metal in all-night studio jams. Now, finally, some of those masterworks are finding their way into Dispirit.

Interview by The Daily Swarm’s Adam Shore at the Scion Rock Fest

“Bitumen Amnii”

Two demos:
“Bitumen Amnii”
“Ixtab’s Lure”

Download the entire 40 minute audio interview

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