October 22, 2007

Bob Dylan Cadillac commericals

TDS Editors

UPDATE: Ad Age: The Times Are A-Changin’ for Musicians and Marketers:

Once considered a leading counterculture figure, the enigmatic Mr. Dylan has transformed himself into an advertiser’s friend, and in doing so embodies the wholesale change that’s gone in the music industry’s relationship to the world of brands.

Mr. Dylan’s music and visage sparked buzz for commercials from Victoria’s Secret and Apple’s iTunes. Now he is appearing in an ad from independent shop Modernista that touts both Cadillac as well as XM Satellite Radio, where he does a music show. He even lends his rough-hewn voice for narration. But the singer is so iconic and his presence in the commercial so striking that some ad executives feel Mr. Dylan, not the products, is what consumers will recall most.

Press Release:

Music icon Bob Dylan will star in an innovative multi-platform marketing campaign for the 2008 Cadillac Escalade that integrates his critically acclaimed XM Radio show, “Theme Time Radio Hour.” The campaign, which begins today, highlights XM as a standard feature in the Escalade through TV, online and print. Coinciding with the campaign’s launch, Dylan’s critically acclaimed XM show “Theme Time Radio Hour,” which offers an eclectic mix of music based around a weekly theme, will include a “Cadillac”-themed episode, premiering October 24.

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